Esclusive Grape Varieties


Graciano is a variety very difficult to grow, requiring a limited humidity and temperature so it is not very abundant.
Right now is one the most valued variety in Rioja because of its unique organoleptic proprieties

We are possibly the largest Graciano growers of Rioja and have always bet for this variety both in monovarietal wines and combining it with other grapes to give them a little bit of its character.

We use it in our wines Legado Decand, Costalarbol Graciano, Costalarbol Semicrianza and Domino de Laertes.


Everybody loves the Maturana grape.
Oenologists are crazy for it. It’s a very very special variety probably the most exclusive and minority of La Rioja.

Not long ago it almost disappeared and we were part of the few that fighted for its survival.

Now we are proud of our Maturana vineyards and the unique wines we make with them.

We use it in our wines: Rebuzno, Sherezade and Costalarbol White.