Dominio de Laertes

Semicrianza Red Organic Wine

“Laertes, King of Ithaca took refuge in vintage farming to put up with the pain for the loss of his son Ulysses who had gone to Trojan War. They met 20 years later in the beautiful vintage”

Varieties: 50% Graciano, 25% Tempranillo, 25% Garnacha.

Aging: Aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.

Harvest selected from the best plots, collected in boxes of 12 to 13kg. The 50% of the Graciano grapes gives structure complexity. The three varieties are mixed to make the blend before bottling.

Tasting Notes

Deep purple in the center, with blue on the edge. Very aromatic with wild blueberries. Very bright wine with a long end in mouth. With firm tannin that gives it good structure, is a tasty wine and relaxed.


Bodega Las Cepas.
Ctra Najera-Cenicero s/n, 26313 Uruñuela, La Rioja, Spain.

(+34) 625 259216 (Sales)

(+34)605 375946 (Winery)