Semicrianza white organic wine

The uncontrolled passion drives away reason and feeds anger. Foolish by an unfaithful woman, Sultan Shahriar took revenge of life espousing concubines and decapitating them at dawn until Serezhade seduced him with the charm and sensuality of his words for a thousand and one nights.  Serezhade, 100% White Maturana, is an intense and elegant white, fruity, capable of returning to happiness what unreason torments.

Tasting Notes

Wine from White Maturana grape, strains over 50 years, golden yellow colour, intense and elegant nose, hints of vanilla come from maturing in the cellar (4 months), unctuous palate with balanced acidity and great expression, fruity and pleasant.


Bodega Las Cepas.
Ctra Najera-Cenicero s/n, 26313 Uruñuela, La Rioja, Spain.

(+34) 625 259216 (Sales)

(+34)605 375946 (Winery)