Tradition & Modernity

Handpicking grapes to produce the best wine

A modern sustanaible cellar 100% autonomous

In our new cellar we managed to precisely control the temperature of the alcoholic fermentation.
We make our wines in 3,000-litre cellular concrete tanks, because the porosity of this material allows the wine to continue breathing.

Fermentation takes place with native yeasts, stabilizing the wine naturally by precipitation due to its own gravity, without gelatin or eggs or any other animal product.

After naturally finishing the alcoholic fermentation, it is pressed in a vertical air press, which does not remove the excess skin from the grape. After pressing, it undergoes malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels, where the wood will contribute to taming the wine as necessary for its optimal palate.

Our corks are natural and FSC certified. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

Our wines are certified by the Rioja Origin Regulatory Council. First Autonomous Community to do so since 1991.

We firmly believe that organic viticulture and oenology are the only sustainable way to conserve the planet and produce quality wines without damaging the ecosystem.